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Hierarchies Rollups and SuccessFlow segmentation - 8.8 - November 17th


  • Hierarchy Rollups give Enterprise-tier customers the ability to drive even more value across their sub-accounts, products, channels, and installs by viewing and tracking key metrics of a customer at the parent level.

  • With SuccessFlows Segmentation, you can incorporate SuccessFlows into Totango’s Segments. This allows you to filter, analyze and act based upon the activities and engagements pertaining to your customer accounts. Read more.

  • My Portfolio Tabs new UX: Now you can consume all your notifications and tasks in a cleaner and faster infinite scroll UI.
    You can consume your notifications and tasks in the right context, notifications are grouped by account, and your tasks are grouped by account, due date, priority, and health.  


  • Activities page has a brand new look.



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