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Follow-up Tasks

Totango’s Follow-up Tasks help CSMs be more productive by scheduling new follow-up tasks upon marking a task as completed. This will enable CSMs to focus and save time on customer engagement.



Use cases

  • As a CSM, my task was to present an upsell proposal to a customer. After I completed my task, I created a follow-up touchpoint summarizing my conversation with the customer and created two new follow-up tasks: one for the AE to prepare the upsell contract, and one for myself to review the upsell contract with the customer.
  • Totango alerted me that my customer has 4 unsolved support tickets, and automatically created a task for me to investigate it with support. After completing the task by checking with support, I scheduled 3 new follow-up tasks: to ask the product team about the support issue, to follow up with the support team tomorrow, and to call the customer to inform them that we're on top of the issues and they are in good hands.


Where to find it?
The Follow-up Tasks will be available every time you complete a task.



For more information, contact your CSM.


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